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The Sociable specializes in hearty East Coast comfort foods. From the rich stews of the Scots-Irish tradition to PEI mussels and Nova Scotia lobster, our cuisine is a mouth-watering hodgepodge of Scottish, English, Irish and Acadian influences, plattered together and perfect for sharing.

Menus and pricing are subject to change.


Soup of the Day


House- Cut PEI Potato Chips (GF / V)

herb & citrus salt / boom boom sauce


Frites & Aioli ( GF/V)

House-cut PEI potato / herb & citrus salt


Crab Fritters

Blue Crab/ Sweet Corn/ Chipotle Aioli


Baked Oysters (6)-(gf)

six  oysters / roasted red peppers / goat cheese / ginger


Salmon Board

house – cured smoked salmon/ crostini / crostini caper & lemon aioli / caper crisp


Famous PEI Mussels (gf- no toast)

Steamed in white wine, tomatoes, chives and garlic. Served with bread for dipping, naturally.


Shrimp & Chorizo Tacos

masa corn tortilla / boom-boom sauce/ slaw/ smoked onion & corn relish (GF)



caramelized onions/ herb oil/ mushrooms/ goat cheese/ balsamic reduction /baby arugula


Mushroom Skillet

Market mushrooms/ butter & herbs / white wine / potato scallion garlic toast


Wings & Fries

1lb of tender chicken wings tossed in our signature sauces & Fries

* Buffalo Blue

*Screech rum bbq

*Adobo dry rub

*Red hot


Baked Brie

puff pastry /bacon jam/ crostini



buttermilk fried/ boom-boom sauce


Sociable Charcuterie Board

Chef’s choice/ cured meats/ assorted cheeses/ condiments..


Harvest Apple Salad (gf/v)

apple / butternut squash / pumpkin seed / spiced cranberry / blue cheese / house- vinaigrette


Grilled Artichoke Salad

greens/ picked red onions/ cherry tomato/ shaved asiago/ house-vinaigrette


Steak & Beet Salad (GF)

Grilled steak/ heirloom beet/ goat cheese/greens/ pickled red onions/house vinaigrette.


Sociable Donair

seasoned beef / tomato / pickled red onions / creamy sweet garlic sauce / pita


Grilled Chicken Prosciutto

roasted red peppers / prosciutto / goat cheese / balsamic reduction / aioli / potato scallion bread


Grilled Cheese Beef Dip

braised beef / white cheddar / caramelized onions / aioli/red wine “demi glace” / malted barley bread



House-ground beef, aged cheddar, red onion, lettuce, tomato, aioli, beer mustard and ketchup on brioche.


Veggie Burger

house- made black bean patty/ classic toppings


Bacon & Blue

House-ground beef, blue cheese, double smoked bacon, fried onion and aioli on brioche.


* Gluten Free Bun $3


Brunch Burger

House-ground beef/ double smoked bacon/ white cheddar / fried egg and aioli on brioche, served with home fries.


Le Big Mack

Two patties / white cheddar / shredded lettuce / pickles  & our secret sauce… *Gluten Free Bun $3


Call Me Big Poppa ( Winner of the 2018 Burger Wars Newmarket)

braised brisket / red wine demi-glace stuffed in house patty /pork belly / brie / aioli / tomato jam / arugula


*Gluten Free Buns $3


Fish & Chips

Fresh Atlantic Haddock  in a beer batter & frites tossed in herb salt, fresh lemon and lemon-caper aioli.


Mac & Cheese

asiago / provolone / aged white cheddar / smoked onions / bacon


Chicken Pot Pie

mushroom / carrot / peas / potatoes / cream sauce / puff pastry


Sheppard’s Pie (gfo)

braised lamb / carrots / peas / mushrooms / truffle sweet potatoes mashed


Seafood Hodge Podge (gfo)

mussels / haddock / shrimp / salmon / chorizo / potato / spicy tomato soppressata sauce /  potato scallion bread toasted


Cedar Plank Salmon (gfo)

butter & herbs / barley risotto / brussels sprouts


Steak Frites

10oz AAA NY Striploin finish with maitre d’butter and served with herb salt frites.


Chocolate Torte (gf) (v)

mixed berry compote


Caramel Apple Crumble Cheese Cake (gfo) (v)

cheese cake